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Clubs & Activities

National Junior Honor Society

Meets every other month.

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a non-profit organization led by middle school students who have dedicated themselves to outstanding scholarship, service, leadership and character.  The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in our students.

Club Advisor

Benjamin Wiker

Student Ambassadors

Next school year, STMS will be having a Student Ambassador Program.  The purpose of the club is for these learners to have an active leadership role in welcoming new learners and creating and maintaining an accepting student environment.  Below, I have listed some possible tasks/expectations of the Ambassadors:

Members will:

  1. Provide an introduction for new learners starting during the school year that includes:
    1. A tour of the building, following the new learner’s schedule
    2. Help locating locker and opening if needed.
    3. Provide guidance with Empower, Office 365, and Teams.
    4. Be a buddy at lunch for new learners first several days.
    5. Take extra steps to ensure the student(s) feel connected to our school and are meeting other learners.
  2. Assist with materials used to welcome upcoming 6th graders (possible video to be shown to 5th graders).

Club Advisor

Kiva Sutton

The Daily Roar Student News

The Daily Roar (formally The Wave) is an ongoing tradition at STMS as the student produced and student run news channel. We air all of our shows on our YouTube channel, feel free to subscribe for updates about new content! The ROAR crew embodies some of our hardest working learners who work together to write scripts, anchor and record shows, and produce them for the rest of the student body. We focus on any and all school news, world news updates, birthdays, and other student celebrations. All 6-8th graders are welcome to apply!

Club Advisor

Emily Colvin

Zach Holtzman Art Academy

The Zach Holtzman Art Academy, sponsored by the HANNA Education Foundation, is open to 7th and 8th grade students who love art, enjoy being creative, and who are interested in exploring a variety of art forms. Zach Holtzman Art Academy is led by Ms. Sweigart, artist/educator with the high school visual arts cluster of the Career Pathways program.

The HANNA Education Foundation graciously funds all costs for this program - there is NO fee for students to participate.

Space is limited, so register early!

Questions? Feel free to contact Ms. Sweigart via email.

Club Advisor

Wendy Sweigart

To register

Student Council

The Student Council will:

Plan and help with school activities and fundraisers.
Work with the staff PBIS committee and the Student Ambassador program.
Support and raise school spirit through the promotion of SOAR.
Learn what it means to be a student leader.

Club Advisor

Traci McAloose

Club Advisor

Kiva Sutton

Mural Club

Mural Club is a group of creative and imaginative learners coming together to beautify the halls of STMS.

Club Advisor

Lindsey Hemmann

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a club that allows girls to learn to code in an environment that promotes female tech careers, teaches logical and computer science skills by having them build games and projects they are interested in. The club meet in room 219 on Wednesdays. 

Club Advisor

Robin Broderick

Garden Club

Garden club teaches students how to grow plants, take care of the courtyard garden and build hydroponics. We are following many of the 4H club ideas. This club meets on Mondays in room 219.

Club Advisor

Robin Broderick

Heart and Sole (GOTR)

Starts February 2024 & open to all girls grade 6-8th . The afterschool program is 10 weeks. It gives the girls an opportunity to grow and thrive. We will provide a safe and interactive space for girls to connect with each other. They will valuable skills such as how to cope when things get difficult and practice positivity and have fun. Please reach out to Mrs. Thomas for sign ups and more information

Club Advisor

Nicole Thomas

Intramural Volleyball

At our Intramural Volleyball Club, we have lots of fun learning and playing volleyball. It doesn't matter if you're new to the game or if you've played before, everyone is welcome! We'll teach you all the cool moves like bumping, setting, and spiking. This club meets every other Thursday in the gym.

Club Advisor

Rebekah Batz

Math Counts

In Math Counts, we play Matth 24 and challenge each other to think differently that we're used to.

Club Advisor

Shannen DeLaurentis